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  1. destroycomics:

    Destroy Comics and Z2 Comics' Escapo Poster Contest Winners!

    The winners in no specified order:

    1. Jorge Fornes
    2. Diego Tripodi
    3. Patrick Gallagher
    4. Daniel Le
    5. Jakub Rebelka

    Everyone did a great job with their posters. Paul Pope loved these! If you didn’t get a chance to compete, I’m cooking up some cool stuff with First Second for Aurora West in September.

    Be sure to order Escapo from your local comic shop or online!

    Hey alright I’m there! Though I forgot to use my pen name haha…


  2. Hello! The interior to an approximately 2”x2.5” birthday card. Gouache on watercolor paper

  3. bmo adventuretime adventure time birthdaycard Illustration Fanart

  4. The Springs, Acrylic on Paper

    The largest completed thing I ever did at 15 x 20 in

  5. painting acrylic art artists on tumblr Illustration

  6. A little #painting #sketch I did with leftover acrylic #art #artistsoninstagram

  7. art sketch painting artistsoninstagram artistsontumblr

  8. Preliminary pencils for a painting #art #wip

  9. art wip

  10. A little #sketch as I sit around at the comic shop #ink #buylocal!

  11. buylocal sketch ink

  12. Muda da! Za Warudo!

    Been playing a lot lot lot lot of Mario Kart 8 lately so I made this sketch in between Mario Karting

  13. mariokart mariokart8 nintendo jojo's bizarre adventure mudada fanart luigideathstare luigi mario kart

  14. A #sketch of The Old Man and the Sea by #hemingway featuring Jude Law as the old man. #reading #readingispower #books #fanart #arresteddevelopment

  15. sketch arresteddevelopment fanart hemingway books readingispower reading

  16. Yeeeaaahhh the highly anticipated issue two of my best-selling minicomic series about wolf-hunting kids “Sasha and Lani are BFFs!” Now I can rest forever~ #comics #zine #sashaandlani #minicomic

  17. comics zine minicomic SashaAndLani

  18. Warm-up featuring the baddest knight around, Brienne ft. best-bro nominee Tripod

  19. got game of thrones fan art gotart brienne of tarth brienne ink

  20. The Hound said it best: “Killing is the sweetest thing there is.”

  21. got game of thrones fan art gotart arya stark sandor clegane the hound ink truedetectiveseason2

  22. Warm-up doodle that ended up taking longer than a doodle. Ink, Watercolor and a little Photoshop. I was looking at Conrad Roset stuff when I did this one

  23. Illustration watercolor ink sketch artists on tumblr

  24. My submission for the “See You Space Cowboy” Zine! It’s Jet’s speciality of course: Bell Peppers and Beef. Went with a slightly approach on this one. 

  25. see you space cowboy zine cowboy bebop fan art Illustration

  26. Escapo, Ink, Gouache, Digital

    My entry for the Escapo poster contest hosted by Destroy Comics/Z2 Comics

    Probably the longest I’ve spent on any one illustration since I wanted to try something different. Lots of influences here: Pope (obviously), Yuko Shimizu, old magic posters, James Jean (those little heads are a reference to a work of his), and a little bit of Jack Kirby.

    Edit: Made a little change to the text at the bottom

  27. EscapoPoster Escapo Illustration paul pope ink gouache comics

  28. Ariadne, Graphite and Digital

    I’ve been revisiting James Jean a lot lately and this is something a little inspired by his work.

  29. artists on tumblr Illustration art