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  1. #inktober day 20. More bird tengu looking things and whatnot

  2. inktober

  3. For #inktober day 19, wizard and familiar

  4. inktober

  5. Who is Tengu Mask!? Find out in the next installment of Teen Detective! Story concept for day 18 of #inktober

  6. inktober

  7. #inktober day 17 is a short horror comic idea I had while trying to fall asleep this morning

    Whoops it should be “double bed” not “twin bed”
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  9. Chimera, ballpoint pen on paper For inktober day 16 but actually I spent a few days on this haha…

  10. inktober illustration artists on tumblr ballpoint moleskine

  11. Jon and Ghost for a quick #inktober day 15 #gotart #gameofthrones

  12. inktober gameofthrones gotart

  13. #inktober day 14. Kind of a different take on yesterday’s since I wasn’t completely happy with the end results

  14. inktober

  15. #inktober day 13. Improvising ink wash with a brush pen is… Interesting

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  17. A slight shift in media for day twelve of #inktober though this is barely inky haha…

  18. inktober

  19. and so like friendship, the curly fry unravels

  20. comics food curly fries fries

  21. Cat and crow for the obligatory #halloween picture for day eleven of #inktober

  22. inktober halloween

  23. Went messy with day ten of #inktober after the meticulousness of day nine. Shout out to my boy #murakami and the Wind Up Bird Chronicle

  24. inktober murakami

  25. Fleur de Morte II for day nine of #inktober #ink #artistsoninstagram

  26. inktober artistsoninstagram ink artists on tumblr

  27. #inktober day 8. A quick one on my day off because there are just so many other things to draw geez

  28. inktober

  29. #inktober day seven. No one wants the rat #mech

  30. inktober mech